Baseer Ahmed Last Poetry

Poetry By: Baseer Ahmed

Poetry is beautiful,
Poetry is like one of my love,
But Poetry requires a lot of sincerity and,
Time that I don’t have unfortunately,
But there is one thing I want to mention folks,
I will never stop working for Peace and World Peace,
I am young and have a lot of things to achieve and,
I know ‘Planet Earth Humans Friends of Baseer Ahmed’ and,
I devote this poetry to all the fans Ladies and Gentlemen and,
To all the Peoples who likes my Poetry and,
To all the folks Worldwide who likes my Poetry,
To all the Ladies Worldwide who are fans of Baseer Ahmed and,
Ladies who loves and loves Baseer Ahmed,
I am Sorry but I have to tell you this,
I have Peaceful and Good Intentions in my life and,
This is why this is "Baseer Ahmed Last Poetry".

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