My Dirty Secret

He's my dirty little secret
The dark thread in my pure life
My sin, my nourishment
My father figure
My irritating pubescent boy.
My muse, my world, my lover
My dream and nothing more.
My dirty little secret
And I'll take it to my grave.

Mostly, he is my friend
And always has been
I'd help bury a body for him.
No matter what, he's alright with me.
His secrets were always safe with me.

One day we will fly away
And our ashes are all that will remain
And the wind shall blow them away too.
Chances are, he will leave before I do.
And I will mourn in secret.
Turning my head as I hide the tears.
Remembering all those haunting years.

What is guilt and lies and dreams?
What are these games?
Who are we?
But specks in the great scope of God's plan
and our lives the briefest moment
In all of time.
And what is that anyway?

The universe and time, my excuse.
For hiding a dirty little secret.
In our graves it will stay.
Even our graves shall be blown away...

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