She is my world

From the first hello i was hooked she was my soulmate,

it was like we had known each other our entire lives all in a minute,

she spoke to me so sweetly and so kind that i knew that she had to be mine

i didnt speak to her again after that but i thought of her often,

she crossed my mind every day, and a month or two later this stranger

spoke to me again and i didnt recognize her by name but i knew it was her

without her saying a word....i asked do you go by another name she said yes

and at that moment she started to turn and walk away forever thinking i forgot

and i said wait dont go i knew it was you....that night i told her how i felt

how she made me melt and swept me off my feet,

i am gonna love you forever i told her...and i will always be here for you if you

need me...its been over 2 yrs now and my feelings never change for her

she has my soul and all of my heart, i still get butterflies when i see her,

and when she sees me she still feels it too, absense distance time none of that

matters cause shes my mate for life and i will always wait...she lives in my

dreams for now i see her when i sleep and its as real as the real thing...someday

i plan on making the dream a reality but for now i continue to sleep....

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