Come home

There you are
Like a social butterfly
Meeting guys old, and new
That you have known in lives past
And those, yet to be soon discovered
While your passions become uncovered

Distance seems to
Draw near as you become
Further enchanted with those
Who offer a different choice, whether
Real or imagined, as your life’s ensnared
Towards happiness and commitment shared

Attention does breed
Loneliness when not there
Craving something more than
A strangers’ flirt and adoring stare
Providing what should be, though is not
What you contemplate in wishful thoughts

Recompense eludes you
Regarding matters of the heart
As you’re tugged with other choices
Giving in to the ecstasy of the moment
That dares you to seek a different direction
Leading to nowhere in the end, upon reflection

Now travel home
To happiness once known
Where doubts always abound
But are overcome, we have found
By love and trust in our path traveled
Never in our dreams and hopes unraveled

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