Memories from the Past

As one prepares to travel a different path and begin a new journey,they are are given two gifts. A gift of substance and a gift of knowledge. The gife of substance is an object that serves as a visual reminder of paths once taken. When looked at,it may bring happiness. When looked at again,it may bring sorrow. It's magic is strong because the giver has filled it with memories from the past.The gift of knowledge is carried in the mind.It's magic is the strongest.It may at times not be needed,but when called forth,it can not be forgotten. For this gift,I give to you these words: If while on your journey. Your steps become unsteady, Your vision becomes unclear, Your destination becomes uncertain. You need only to listen for the howl of the wolf. Look to the sky and find the the Hawk. Hear the sound of the distant Drum. For the howl of the Wolf will be my warrior cry, standing ready to help you if you struggle. To see the Hawk,is to see my spirit as it soars on the winds of our friendship. A constant beacon to guide you on your path. To hear the Drum, is to hear the beat of my heart,because although we travel different paths, We will always walk as one.

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