Lets Make A Change

You say you want change,
but hate crimes dont change a thing.
shootin people up doesnt make it any different.
You want the world to be a better place,
but all you do is descriminate.
Why cant we all get along.? you say,
but you rip people off every day.
Maybe if we had some more truth in the world.
a little more respect.
if we could see eachother as equals.
What will it take ?
If a loved one got mugged.?
Your best friend got stabbed.?
maybe then you might see,
that were all living in the same messed up world.
And maybe if we stand together we can change things.
If we overlook the color of someones skin, or how much money they have..then we can make a change...make the world better than its ever been.
If we accept people for who they are, and look past their weight,if theyre hairs curly or straight....we can make a change that may save our futures.

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