Make Me Your Prisoner

Oh, honey, my girly, girly, from the day I set my eyes on your charm but couldn't wrap you around my tongue I became a free bird gone wild.

Now I've a breakthrough; break-dancing around your charm, talking to you my friend. Touching, kissing, caressing and feeling you-your pointed breast, sleeky-looking body, your bruzuzu.

Now that we're making the sweetest love never experienced, make me your prisoner, I pray you!

I've seen reasons to subscribe to you sugar. My love is pure and never lies-it will never die. I love you beyond words, beyond challenges-you're my love, my woman.

Undiluted, axiomatic, consummate and unconditional love have I brought. You deserve it sexy!

I will never quit, I've vowed. I hope you don't. You're everything I've; everything I live for is you. Make me your prisoner today. Don't wait for another day dear love.

You're the woman I'm proud to call mine; a woman every woman should emulate, the type every man should pray for. You're the peace of my life!

Make me your prisoner, take me on the holistic hostage journey. Darling, make me a prisoner, a "prisoner of conscience," prisoner of love.

I will do any, everything to please you. Will not be like Bill, no cheating. I will do right by you; will take all vacation between your legs, oh, vivacious lady!

You're my angel, my heartbeat. Make me your prisoner, chain me with love and don't set me free. I better subscribe to the woman that pleases me in return, respects, care, seduce, love, understands, accommodate, inspire and protect me in return than become the American president.

By so doing I will not fight an unjust war killing the innocent yet acting as the savior. Will fight for you, the brokenhearted, less privilege, for humanity. Yes, the sugar in my tea, I don't wanna be free. Make me, my soul, spirit, temporal and physical your prisoner of love for the savior is you!

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