Make Me Your Prisoner-I Don't Wanna Be Free

Make me your prisoner...I don't wanna be free!

Lock me up in your cell of love; handcuff me with

da romantic chain that fails not.

Kiss me with the peace of your lips; mine were made

for you!

My heartbeat is you. Touch my soul like you touch my

body; touch my heart like you spin my brain when we talk

the talk and walk the walks of love

Let the singing, dancing birds, let the doves, joy through

your voice

Let the poetry of your voice heal the squirmy sound dabbing

in my shadow-sing the ballad which my soul relish in dance.

Oh, kiss me with the peace of your lips; mine were made for


Make me your prisoner, even now, oh, gracious; I don’t wanna

be free…

The love Beretta is all I ask for. Wear that perfect love garment;

the armor of love that spells consummate; erotica axiomatic

Yes, the love Beretta is all I need, not da regular police's. Breathe

into my veins with your Beretta spins; spin it and spin me faster.

The only key I ask for is the sexiful, sexilicious magneta you alone

have that, will open the love prisons where precious ornaments,

angels, cupids, even stones and boats of love shall dance zamba


Dance zamba Ogoniriana, but not set me free. I don't wanna be


No, I'm your prisoner of conscience; prisoner of lovinata!

Make me your prisoner, lock me up in your cell of love; make me

speak in tongues. No, make me speak gbaken, koroma tai and nama.

Make me your prisoner, lock me and love me up; kiss me with the peace

of heart, peace of your lips and sing the ballad, poetry that wakes

me up when my spirit slumber, I don’t wanna be free...

Wanna sing that lullaby in your gentle arms, where cuddling is made

perfect and caresses tantalizingly beautiful-wonderfully so.

I don't wanna be free...make me your prisoner; wanna be yours forever.

Wanna be yours forever; and in your romantic cell where we shall

be sentenced with decree number L.O.V.E-no parole!

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