Love Isn't Far Away

I bet you'll find it; everywhere looks

And everything looks bright that you
can see through the skull of love.

Even in the darkest angles you can
smell love.

Love isn't far away. It's at the turn of
your footsteps.

Just get determined, open your heart;
be positive, welcoming with a touch of
gold to offer love.

Love is communication-sacrifice, respect.
It's interest, listening. understanding.

Love is compromise, support and caring;
it's forgiveness and appreciation;
commitment it's!

All streets are paved with love gold; the
bronze, silver and diamond leads you to
the ultimate.

You'd be ready for love to catch the gold.
Love is like equity. Love care is superlative.

You search with clean hands, and love in
your heart plus resources, tools, character
to nurture and grow, sustain love.

Love isn't far away; it's at the turn of your
footsteps when love is in your heart and
you're determined to love and be loved.

But you can't give or expect love if you
don't have it. Love is complementary and
doesn't supplement!

Undergoes processes, yet can't be
sublimated. You either have or have it

Love isn't beauty, yet its environs looks
luscious. Beauty is everywhere-every
community bears prettiness,

Handsomeness flourishes in overflow, but
beauty isn't love-love is beautiful.

Breathe in and smile love. At every glance
love calls your name; it invites you to
search the inner mind and bring to take
love in purity.

With true love life's trends are promising
despite the wreck of times.

Love isn't far away, though the noise,
worries of scarcity lingers...

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