My Beautiful Summer

Brightest and splendid;
charming and lovely
The glowing majesty you are.

My beautiful summer!

Your welcoming smile, the dry and calm
welcoming features.

The bold, spirited, humane arms you stretch
to please humanity,

Your motivation,'re my Belinda.

My beautiful summer; my darling season, come
back, come back again, oh dearest babe!

You grant live, meaning and purpose to
plants; animals rest in your bosom.

Your flowers blossom to decompose, cultivate
and fertilize, grow and guard the earth.

You're that breath, pleasure; that smile and

You're the happiness, which infuses
nature that humanity flourish.

My beautiful summer; my darling season
Come back, come back again, oh dearest

The imaginative expression, creative
ingenuity you emit are limitless.

You're love and peace. You're security and
joy. You're my Belinda!

Neither the rains, storms nor sunshine, and
not the dampening, damning uncertainties of
time can change your warmth, affectionate

Not the worries from heatwaves, and no sweat
can deter the brightness and beauty, inspiration

Can the chilling cold weather, its shocking
antecedents sway your strength and care?

Not at're my Belinda!

My beautiful summer, like my wonderful winter,
sweetest babe.

Please come back, come back again and dutifully

My beautiful summer is you!

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