The Truth

Some people want reality
But the problem is they can't handle...the truth
I just want one person to feel exactly like I do
I feel as if sometimes I just needed to scream

I just can?t feel my insides anymore
I have the urge to just be so perfect for everyone else
I want everyone to be happy
I just feel sometimes that I can?t take myself anymore

I have discrepencies that the normal person my age wouldn?t
In my life I just want
one person that my immediate famiy
To understand what it is I go through
The fact of the matter is I?m to scared of people

I know how to open up to people but the problem is
I don't know who to open up to
The reason why I keep to myself is because
I just feel like I need to breathe out loud

I can?t trust people as far as I can throw them
I just want to throw out all my trash
But, I?ve got too much trash to throw out

I?m a HTC [Human Trash Compactor]
I let everybody just throw their trash out on my soul
I let everyone?s burden spill out
I just want one moment where I can breathe

I shouldn?t be concerned about others
But I can?t help it, my genes have possessed my soul
Just ONE person is all I need to help me breathe
I just want someone who understands what it feels like to be me

I?m in tornado mode
I feel like I?m spinning in circles
Like a swirling vortex
I don't know where to start
Nor where or when for that matter to stop
I can't feel my legs
I feel like I'm falling apart

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