what am i to do

What am I to do
by: Caroline L Vetrano
You now care for another, What am I to do
For all my life its been me and you
The emptiness I feel took me by surprise
I am lost and alone, accompanied only by my cries
You strayed and found a new love, new life, a new you
So now you want to leave me and start anew
Oh tell me what am I to do
How does one act when losing their life
My heart tells me to use the knife
I want to leave this world its so ugly and mean
My screams go unheard and my tears fall unseen
I have to leave this world its so ugly and mean
Face reality That is what Im told and when they tell me
they are so very bold
Start to enjoy and live your life
But they have never been your wife
I know what I have lost
And if I could keep you it would be at any cost
The blame is on me this I see
But loving you is what I do I can never start anew

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