To Dream A Dream

At night as I lay my head down
I dread of what I'll dream ;
Will it be one of happiness
Or one in which I scream ?

Will it take me to another time
Another culture - a different land ? ;
Explain the meaning of this gruesome trip
I'm afraid I don't understand.

As beads of sweat form on my brow
And I toss from side to side ;
I'm in a world - not of my own
In fact, I think I've died.

But towards the back, I see a light
It groes biger as I draw near ;
Have I reached my final resting place
Or is there still some hope for me here ?

I change my thoughts, from bad to good
Don't want it to end this way ;
If I had to choose - from life and death
I think I'd rather stay.

So don't be taken by evil thoughts
There's still time to "self redeem" ;
Keep all your thoughts straight and pure
That's how to dream a dream.

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