Hate Watching You Cry

They were the promises that I made
On that spring day, when we said "I do"
I promised to love you till death do us apart
That we'd always go through times together
Swore that we'd walk through heaven's gate
Holding hands and live forever, thereafter

I don't know what you do and say
Every time I've got one foot outside the door
Your kiss and your body and your love
That turns my head 'round and makes me stay
It sure would be a shame to leave you
After all the memories we've made
And I hope you know I only stay
Coz I hate watching you cry

You always make me feel guilty
Even when I'm not the one who did wrong
Yea, I know we're supposed to forgive and forget
But nothing's ever left my mind
And your name's still stuck on my heart
And If something comes and I'm lonely
You know that I'll walk in the rain
So no one would ever notice me

I'd hate to walk away from all the things we've been through
And let it all fade from my mind and out of my life
But I know I'd not have believed in love if it wasn't for you
And it'd be a shame to let my world go back to where it was
Before you brought the magic and your blessing
Cause I know if you ever leave me, it'd just get worse

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