A Distant Memory

Your presence lingers in my soul,
unwilling to heed my cry.
An emptiness I can’t let go,
yet so hard I have tried.
A feigned illusion of myself
is a facade to the real me.
This fashioned image I portray
deceives transparency.
Where is the girl I used to know,
the one I yearn to be?
She’s clouded by his fading face…
a distant memory.
Faith fights pain within my heart,
a battle in despair…
I walk alone with vacant eyes
which cast a hollow stare.
Memories consume my thoughts
and take me to a place,
where lonely cries and tear filled eyes
cannot be erased.
The real me remains within
controlled by what he’s done.
My fake appearance envelopes this
and veils what I’ve become.
Until the day I find that girl,
I shall pretend that I am she.
For now she is oppressed
by a distant memory.

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