Breaking me

Love me or neglect me

it doesn't matter anymore

It will just be one more time I scrape my heart off of the floor

I wake up next to darkness and tommorow will be light

You are killing me slowly every time you start a fight

Did I forget to clean or close the door?

Is there anything I can do to please you more?

Rub your feet? Call you Baby?

Tell you I love you, would that work maybe?

I will watch everything I say and do

I will change who I am just to be with you

Is that what you want is a girl that is weak?

submissive, shy and pathetically meak?

I cry all the time, and I'm in so much pain

waiting for you to sooth me again

A perpetual cycle of pleasure vs sorrow

hoping it will change when I wake up tommorow

I am growing tired of highs and the lows

each day that goes by the resentment grows

I can't make it better, a relationship takes two

that means me and you, no really not just you!

I don't know what else to say or do

I just hope my feelings matter to you...

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