I said I'd never give up or walk away. Through the all the trials and pain, I promised I'd stay.
When I was alone holding onto mere hope, I blead quietly and struggled to cope.
I once knew so much life so I could not deal, I wanted what I'd lost I wanted to once again feel.
There were times I thought I would never get it back, the family and love that surrounded me once was what I lacked.
I wouldn't leave them in the mist of all we'd lost, when I looked into their eyes I said I'd give up all if thats what it cost.
There was never a moment I didnt want them by my side, and as they turned me away I tried not to let them see that I had cried.
As the time passed I changed so much, as we grew up I saw a difference I felt it in their touch.
It came to a point I started to think of whispering goodbye, but when they saw me fall back they screamed why?
I answered I wanted so badly your love to be unlike this cold lie, and they said you've always had it, cause we saw how desperetly you did try.
As I felt a battle burning in my chest, I grasped onto life saying its not over in detest.

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