Unwelcomed into birth,
I still wandered with might,
As flames fashioned from fire
Forms Fate from Fear and Fright.

Good Will, Good Cheer, my Lance, my Spear,
And blind Faith still to mold my tear,
I set forth to find my worth that lies not here,

Unwelcomed into my right,
I know not whence I came,
Nor the smile that cradles my vein,
But I walk forth, for I know my aim is right,
With the sun, the stars and the sky above me
To guide my strength and ambition alike
And my conscience to teach me wrong from right

Unwelcomed into life
To set these wrongs to right
Against what comes my way,
To test the strength of my might,
The taste of blood and what hate conceived
Drives my Will to further my soul to highest of heights
I stand guard of unwelcomed souls,
Who were left to trot on earth like me

Like Silence cloaked by a Wintery night,
My smiles can hide sorrow and grief alike,
Tis the scent to the beauty of a flower

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