Who'll believe it?

It was mid night;
In a bus going to Sra,
I was sitting alone . . .

The bus was filled with many people;
Some were talking, some were laughing;
But me I was doing nothing;
I was motionless as if I were dead . . .

Then the bus stopped, I got out,
Sorry it was not me that got out,
It was my body that dragged me out
I had no soul; I had no heart at that moment
They're left me alone as if dead . . .

Suddenly I heard a voice though it was dark . . .
I turned back; I've seen a light,
Oh, God, it was an angelic face that could completely dispel the darkness . . .

I've seen her but who can believe it. .
She was not every girl,
She was made of flowers;
In her eyes I could see thousand of moon;
In her hair I could see thousand of glittering stars
In her lips I could see rivers of wine;
In her pretty face I could see the shining stars;
On her velvet cheeks sleep all the butterflies;
She rained me with her soft passionate words.

Then I was no longer dead as before,
The soul jumped to my body;
My heart began trembling as a leave in the wind . . .
I could breathe the moments . .
I could enjoy the fresh air . .
But when she said goodbye, she took my heart . . .
I felt I have been killed thousand of time . . .
Oh, but what a lovely killer!
I was kidnapped by her looks;
And she left me swimming in the sea of her honey-whispered words;
I could only hear the echo of the wind saying Patrician Patriiii , Patriiiii. . .
Then I returned back a lone dragging my heavy steps; Nobody with me but my orphan heart . . .

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