mr. never

I cant say I miss you.
I cant say it out loud.
But I can say I loved you.
And im doing well now.

I wish things could have been different for us
Wish we would have just stayed friends.
But what happened years ago brought that to an end.

The memory of you
leaves a place in my heart.
Fairytales and happy endings
You tore that world apart.

Your beautiful.
I always thought you were.
Now that your getting older
I see it more and more.

I pray that your happy
And you are doing well too
And I pray that like me
I will be apart of you

Its been years.
Its been hard.
There’ve been tears.
There’ve been scars.

I regret it. Yes.
But I refuse to live in the past.
Forgive and forget
And move on at last.

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