Should I?

Should I listen to my restless heart?
When it weeps, it weeps so harsh.
Should I grieve for my lonesome soul?
When it yearns, it yearns for more.

Should I? Should I? Or not?
Think of you when I feel blue.
Should I ask you if you'd care?
Or bite my lips & not to dare.

Should I hold you by your hand?
To unlock the door deep in your heart.
Should I gaze at your fiery eyes?
To peek at the windows within your soul.

Should I play with fearsome fire?
Just to see your flaming smile.
Should I walk down the windy maze?
Just to feel your warm embrace.

Should I let my feeling grow?
And get you in to all my dreams.
Should I creep deep in your skin?
Or just lose you to the raging wind . . .

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