Your still a part of me

Thru a mutual friend we had met, on a beautiful well lit night how could I forget. It was weird and crazy, but you didn't even seem to phase me. You were playing your anthem love song "One Night Stand", thats when I then decided not me I'm going to make you my man. As we walked & talked along the sand, you turned & asked me "if I had a man?" , I looked you straight in your eye's & said "No, no man has ever deserved my faithful tears & a heart as warm as mine". You cleared my tears away & gently grasped your hand to mine. Caressed me in your arms & said " they may not be but I will surely be your man". As time stood still that one moon lit night, you melted all my pain away our love took flight. You said "we'll be together forever & never apart!". But never say never cause damn it was you who tore my world apart. Slapped me across my face & told me I should know my place. I worked up enough courage to run. Although we may be apart. Forever you will own that piece of my heart.

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