Days turn to night

Mornings shin with the light of love, so worm is my heart from the rays I feel, noon comes and brings with it thoughts of you. I laugh and I sing my songs of love. Flower?s bloom with sensual fragrances, we kiss, we love, we lye down to rest.

Afternoon softens the glow you felt. What happened I wander what went wrong. You say you need time, time to think, time for thought. I wait, I hope, I pray. But no, I cannot believe, this isn?t happening this isn?t so.

The night arrives with sorrow and pain. The tears fall like pouring rain. Once again it?s always the same. I hurt I cry and I wonder why. With each day comes night. Some days bring joy and laughter some sorrow and pain.

But alas, As the sun sets, somewhere a new sun rises.

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