I'm surrounded by ppl in a crowded room, yet I feel so alone.
You are no longer by my side
I think about our first hug, and then that kiss!!
I think about when u first said those 3 words
How they were music to my ears
I remember how I couldn't find the words to say and as I looked up into your clear blue eyes with a tear in the corner of mine.
How u gently wiped it away
And then so softly kissed my lips

But now all that's gone away.
No more "I love yous"
No more walks hand in hand
Not even a single hug from me to you
The thought of this still brings tears to my eyes and a dull ache from deep within my heart

But "I've moved on" and "I'm past that" or so I say
As I think about you less and less that ache deep within doesn't feel so bad
I know that it'll never completely go away
But as time goes on I'll think more and more of the good times we had
I'll think of the weekends with your family and of the first time u held my hand

Now I sit in this room surrounded by people
I've decided that it's time to move on and meet some one new
I wish for the best for you and her
I hope she feels what I felt when u looked into my eyes
Now I have just one more thing to say, u were my first love and will always be. Deep within my heart lies a picture of u and me.

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