what could it be

Sometimes I feel on the spot.
That something from you I have got.
Some kind of gift?
With that thought, I'll just drift.
And with my life I will just carry on.
It also seems
its something bad.
Taking from my body though to you its not sad.
I'm sure if I new it, I would be.
I would probably cry and hate-fully,
say unthoughtful and real mean things truly.
I know I will never find out,
because if so, it would have already come about.
So I'll just act as I've been
Thinking of it nothing till then,
when maybe someday, who knows when.
To you it might seem the right thing.
Unless you are also being pulled by some string.
But I'm sure it's not that
Just some history at bat.
So good luck and I'll stay where I'm at.

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