Jar of Gold

I steal your kisses and store them away on the back burner of my memories, forever kept in a jar of gold.

All your kisses are saved, none lost:

~ your lightest kiss is as tender as a rose
pedal in its softness and scent,
~ your warm-up kiss has a warm energy
of full lips seeking out mine,
~ your comfort kiss takes time to
tease and play over me, your hands
holding my face close,
~ your sensuous kiss is slippery
slidey as it flows and forms, tasting
the texture of my lips and ears,
~ your sexual kiss is bold and thrusting,
your tongue taking as much as it gives,
urgent and wanting, sucking and holding,
~ all your kisses are treasured gifts.

I warm your remembered kisses over the flame of my heart, remembering their taste and passion, feeding on the love that produced them, growing stronger in me every day.

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