In Touch

Loved ones getting together
for a rare and occasional visit
Dealing with it the best we are able
No matter how bad we are labeled

You can't drop your love & just take it all back
from a close person who is still in your life
Something I'll naver do
It just can't be done
This is family and we are all one

A mistake is what I know it was
No matter how bad it did get
For the rest of our lives we'll be facing it all
With sorrow and with much regret

For not only us but also for them
The ones coping on the opposite side
It probably doesn't show and I'm sure that you can't tell
Cause like you we also have our pride

So this occasional visit
Hopefully will always be there
And we'll be there no matter the wait

On our calendar, on the bus, even inside the lobby, and for the buzzer to open that gate.

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