I could let you kiss me and it could lead to other things.
It could lead to letting clothes fall and names getting called.
I could let you.

I could let you kiss me.
The prelude to have hearts fawn.
In a melody without weight but still heavy.
I could let you.

This is such an innocent thing but such things can hurt.
If you kiss me I’d probably be at peace.
But to have your kisses floating around like bubbles would make me pop.
I could let you.

Not for her or them just me
I could let you.
I want them to brand me but this seems like an S&M dream.
I could let you.

It strangely can start here but in the same breath it can all end here with this one thing.
Just think, beginnings and endings just with this one action.
Between the sighs and whimpers there is the fact that little actions can do more than you’d think.

Could you let me?
Would I let you?
Yes. Not to sound possessive, maybe a little bit.
But your lips are mine.

Actions speak.
They scream.
They holler.
They make you aware.
Even when you don’t want to think its possible.

Would you let me?
I would let you.
Would I?

It all ends and begins here.

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