Thee Kiss of Forever

Butterflies danced in my stomach that night.
Finally in your arms, with you holding me tight.
I knew what would happen, the moment was near.
As our faces drew closer, driving away all fear.

Our hands hold on tighter and tighter to eachother.
As our sweat intertwines with one anothers.
I lay on your chest and I feel your heart beat.
It beats faster and faster, just the same as me.

Our faces caress, and our desire grows.
Stars shine through the window, and the moon glows.
Fate made this moment, fate brought us close.
As our lips get closer, and our bodies float.

I look in your eyes, and I come to find.
That same feeling I have, that same drive.
The want to be close, and to embrace for all time.
The desire is clear, as it shines bright.

You caress my skin and my face, you touch.
As you bring my face up, my lips you lust.
Like a dream, or like heaven, like any wonderful place.
My heart started beating faster in pace.

This moment, so long waited for, has finally come.
As our lips draw near, and we become one.
We feel eachother's breath as our lips enclose.
We know exactly what eachother feels, we know.

As I look into your eyes, and we kiss with such passion.
Even still our hearts beat faster and faster.
That passion still there, it remains in our heart.
THat passion now a burning fire of love.

We kiss, we embrace, with the same butterflies inside.
THey dance and they jump, they sing and the fly.
Our love, abundant, as we lean into kiss.
Now an old couple, still remain in love's bliss.

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