emotions from the heart

If we where to get married who would make the plans?
Would we take off from the church leaving behind just cans?
Would we look at the stars above in the sky?
Would you look at me with hungry love filled eyes?
Would our wedding be on water or land?
Would every thing be placed just right and be planned?
Would you wear that white dress?
Would you be nervous would you be stressed?
Would the sun set and night fall upon our life?
Would you step up to that stand commit to being my wife?
Would you bare the ring of love?
Would you promise never to push if I shove?
Will you hunger for my touch?
Will you always tell me you love me ever so much?
Will you hold the key to my heart?
Will you promise never to break apart?
would you love me for who i am?
would you always be there when you can?

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