On Top

Ringleader of mythomaniacs - awful, illogical hero - took part in a huge festivity -
Thunderstorm on Parnassus.
Gods of that place, old grumblers and gossipers, decided to declaim
Their masterpieces - praises of stagnation.
These poems were invasion of psychology. Some of them were informations
From arm-chair, from goblet, from cigarette...
Mount's inhabitants spoke only one language, slavish.
However they were slaves to the top.

Ringleader of mythomaniacs - fellows associated in poetical gang for whom 'a' and 'the' are terrorists - /
Resolved on conquest.
Parnassus was not protected, gods were smoking, drinking, sitting in their prison.
Mythomaniacs climbed up the mountain.

Their poems turned out to be unintelligible for highlanders.
They reacted with kind-hearted irony.
One of gods, Arthur Rambo, asked ringleader of mythomaniacs to translate some myths. /
That was horrible conflict between psychology and mythology!

Mythomaniacs' leader hurled towards highlander book with inscription: 'Arthur Rimbaud' and told: /
'You don't understand metaphor. And that's why you need metamorphosis. Way from god to dog is short'. /
Thunderstorm was unfettered.

Mythomaniacs were successful.
Now, relation: master and servant, god and dog, deaf and mute changed.
It's awfully logical like festival of new uplander's creativity - symbolism.

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