A Kiss from a carrier Pigeon

I don't care about the rest of the world,
they have been better off,
or starving, for centuries, maybe...
like the TV beggars, with flies and
Evangelists crying to pay the Universal
Rent all. Those starving children have all
grown up now and they need new faces.

We have joined the march of progression,
a wonderful trip upon transistors, yet to go
through another change without once looking
out of the window.

But we still have horrible air-traffic accidents, while the Seagulls by the hundreds of thousands
wheel over the garbage dumps without one single

Instead , we used hacked up computers that
teach us squared mathematics to produce the
most ugly and dangerous products that the world
has ever seen.

The most successful man in the world was

The most perfect world of technology is
wilderness..If we want to create something
of beauty and works perfectly, then we must
observe an animal that has already done it.

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