Kiss Me

Before my lips goes dry; before the taste quenches
and I need no more juice to marinate your charm,

Kiss me and kiss me deeper; kiss me now and
satisfy my soul.

Your kisses are all I crave. Come closer; roll your
pianist fingers over my lips-my body that I wet to
dry no more.

Wet my mouth, kiss me deep; do so passionately.
Start from both ends of my mouth. Roll over the

Tilt your huge-smooth tongue skillfully through my
tight, smooth, charming and sexy lips. Hmmmmmm,
so beautifully hot, I love that baby, captain of my
lips; yes my tongue!

Before you hit it and rough me in. Kiss me and kiss
my bruzuzu; Kiss me and kiss me deeper; kiss me
now and satisfy my soul.

Get me started, drive me crazy and make your
tongue my psychiatric therapy, oh yes my doctor,
you're the best!

Don't let me dry. Don't keep me hungry; don't turn
blind eyes!

My lips are ready, waiting and panting to be
touched. Naturally wet. Itching to be scratched.

Full in size, creamy and tasteful-better than
chicken, goat-meat, pounded yam and eboobo

Beautiful lips I've that my tongue travels looking for
yours; they shall not do you wrong.

Come closer angel; come with a pure, honest and
loving heart. Start the improbable journey; discover
the gold in me.

It's hidden for you only to search and grab...all
yours sexy!

Do justice to save my soul...Kiss me now, kiss my
heart; prime my spirit; love my soul and kiss my lips
to beautify my being.

Kiss them hard. Kiss me harder, the finest way;
erotically caring-lovely, I pray thee!

Please darling. Kiss me; roll your fingers over my
lips to start the foreplay. I'm your surgical theater.
Your specialty is me. Mine's is you!

My hips are ready to capture all that matters honey.

Kiss me and kiss me deeper; don't set me free; kiss
me now to satisfy my hungry soul waiting for your
first-class touch.

Kiss me; my lips on your lips turning the cold
factory into warmth. I'm your world; you're mine's.

Kiss me like I kiss you good; kiss me now until I fill
my cup, which has no limit; kiss me good, prompt
my thirst.

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