Shui Diao Ge Tuo

Shui Diao Ge Tuo
Written by Mr. Su Dong Po (Mr. Su Si), Song Dynasty
Translated by Laijon Liu

O bright moon, how often do you appear?
I lifted up the wine cup and asked the dark sky.
Tonight, in heaven's palace,
what is the time and year?

I would ride the wind to go there,
But I’m afraid of its jade mansions,
That they are too high and too chill.
So I rise and dance, and my shadow swings,
How is this human world compare with yours?

Your circling rosy chambers;
Your lowly curtained gates;
Shine upon the sleepless ones.
And I should not have any complaints,
But why do you shine your fullness in departure times?

Life meet griefs and joys, in departure and reunion;
Moon circles in clouds and fine, in fullness and wanings;
Such things never suit our desire since ancient time.
But I still wish that lovers may live a long life,
And enjoy their happiness even if a thousand miles apart.

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