lonely days, cold nights

My days are lonely, my nights are cold.
everything you say, is getting really old.

I miss lying next to you, hearng your heart beat.
it's completely insane, how you swept me off my feet.

What are the reasons, i sit and ask why.
you feel it is necessary to tell me a lie.

My nights are cold, my days are lonely.
i wish you were here, oh baby if only.

You could hold me in your arms, to see your gorgeous smile.
sweetheart believe me, it would last me quite awhile.

To hera you speak those three words, i love to hear you say.
to hold me close to you, as we go all the way.

No one can make me feel, the way that you do.
people ask me why it is, im so deeply in love with you.

Because no one knows me, like you know me.
everything i am, is everything you see.

Regardless of who i am, you love me still.
no matter what people say, i know our love is real.

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