love is the most important thing

Love Is The Most Important Thing
From birth to death we see many changes,
There are many things, that god arranges,
We learn to live, with our parents help,
But when love arives, our heart learns to melt,
All the wonders of the world, at our feet,
Love alone, the world cant defeat,
Without the love deep in your soul,
The world you know, would soon get old,
The wonders we learn, are clear to see,
We are taught by love, without it, we greive,
All the information in the world, would be gone,
Happiness, would be nowhere, life would seem long,
I myself thank my lord, from my heart,
Feeling gods love, has made a great mark,
I learn, in my heart, and then in my mind,
It makes great sence, and the answers I find,
Oh, you can be smart, and learn all you know,
But without love, your emotions won't grow,
So in my world, the most important thing,
Is the love in my heart, and the wonders it brings.

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