Thank You Lord

Today is a day to be thankful, to be giving. It is a day to care and be thankful unto others. God says to even give unto our enemies as well as our friends, and loved ones. This is a way of Thanksgiving, also as we be thankful unto the Lordfor all things good, bad, and trying times. These are things that makes us who we are, and to be a thankful person, and a giving person as well as loving and caring. So be a God thanking, God giving person with the love God put in us. Rember, do unto others as you want others to so unto you. Thank you, Lord for being who you are and for the things you put into us to make us better people. Thank you for accepting us as your childern, for loving us regardless of our sins, thank you, Lord for bring so merciful and forgiving Thank you Lord!

Title: For Sherri
Author: Dick Woods

I took a stroll through the stomping grounds,
And found my own dirt on which to stand.
I realized the earth beneath my feet,
Was many heaven stretched hands.
"My love; be my peace of mind."

Calling out for what didn’t exist,
Seemed to be the common plea.
As I looked deeper into this mirage,
I noticed the faces resembled me.
"My love; show me what I ought to find."

As I listened closer to the cries,
I noticed they began to sing.
Singing the song of my life,
This was a dreadful thing.
"My love still the sorrow in my heart."

They told the tale and they told it well,
Of a man who lost emotion.
And if it wasn’t for the lass he loved,
To nothing he would give a notion.
"My love; be the keeper of all my being."

As I listened on I found myself,
Not really listening at all.
My thoughts were deterred, by the most beautiful bird,
And I found myself yearning to here its call.
"My love you are the beauty within a painting marred."

I know my life before the bird,
I know the sorrow well.
But I wish to know more about this bird,
From which only heaven she could have fell.
"My love you touch my spirit."

There are many cliches, describing the ways,
In which this bird’s beauty makes me feel.
With each second that cowers in fear of the next,
I am reborn in her presence and can yet believe she’s real.
"My love I love thee with all of my love, and all of my love is for thee

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