Yesterday, when I saw you for the first time in 3 weeks, it was like seeing you for the first time again.. The feelings I had then, I had Yesterday.. It was exciting and hot ....God, you smelled so sweet...Your eyes saw right through me and you knew what I really wanted...I still feel your touch, how soft your hands were as they were trembling in mine...The touch of your lips upon mine sent fireworks through my body and then you kissed my neck..God, you knew right were to go ......... Oh how I wished we were alone yesterday, I could of showed you how much I've really missed you...
Yesterday I wish was here today, for you are not here as well as yesterday being gone...Yesterday I will not forget, for the memories I have I will hold on to for the next visit we have....Yesterday won't be gone and neither will you....I miss yesterday and YOU ......

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