Effectual Jazz

He touched two fingers
To his lips
As he brought
His trumpet
Up to blow
Blew right through
Her fingertips
To the tips
Of her toes
Had them tapping
Ever so softly
To his cylindrical sound
Sophisticated sequences
Emanating so eloquently
From his round
Fingering her senses
With staccatos
And legatos
So effortlessly
They wound
Eyes closed
Fingers popping
To its brassy beat
Dampening her clothes
Swaying in its heat
This mesmerizing
Timbre of
Incessant trills and rips
Resounding so vividly
On her tympanic
Through her hips
His melody
So salaciously
In her air
Had her
Ever so lightly
On the edge
Of her chair
Feeling it
Dribble down
Her cheek
To the rim of parted lips…
Lingering on every note
Of his melody
She sips…and sips…and sips.

.tya. 2006.

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