Roses are red

roses are red yellow and pink too
get out of my head
I cant hear myself think
with all the racing because of you

violet's are blue
like the feelings I had before I met you
grey were my days
dull as a used knife
the days you filled with vibrant color's

you replaced the pills
for a smile merged on to my face
as I spoke your sweet name
away went the slits on my wrists
away went the alcohol
I don't need it to have a good time anymore that
I have you now
away went the need for drugs
to keep my mind off him
now all I think about is

you made me see the light
the bright light that surrounds
your hot and tempting body
it's almost like you're a gorgeous angel
that has given me one of your feathers
to guide me to the right path

it's driving me crazy
being so happily in love with you
I'm feeling so good like I can get stoned
with out any drugs
I'm feeling so wonderful
I think I might scream out how grateful I am
to be you secret girl

roses are red
violet's are blue
and I want to tell you
that I love you

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