The Beginning

I can remember back when I felt you, smelt you, and taste somthing so sweet. Yo your my voice, speak to the world to lift an reach heights unknown to humans, use me as you please. Your my eyes look for only the truest could see, your my feet run and run to that one place where only a handful can stand. Your my arms and hands open doors to feel my rush, as you use my strenght to push, your gave peace, love , happiness. You become weak in the name of life, no matter the situation when you breath this air of belief know that everything is going to be alright. Don't worry goddess come on out, shout and be proud because your the first to become a slave of these gifts that last eternity. Yes your bless and shall get more and more as you spread your glory, just continue to live. Open your space to my face and rain drops of grace shall lace the sky's, at my pace yo this will never end. end. end. end...... Just when you think its over I'll come right back in.

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