no more breath

There is more beauty in your laughter than freedom in my soul
More enlightment and reason than the universe whole
There's more cynic in my nature than what is clinical in yours
More savegness in my rages, than you have locks on your doors
Either open wide or fully barred, without watch or double gaurd
Set me free or chain me here. The prison is worth just being near
There is more comfort in your soft touch, then strength in my clinched fist
More assurance and acceptance than the universe could miss
there's more tyrant in my nature than is typical in yours, more violance in my phases than what is bloody in all your wars
Either reserved or fully free, without self or deep in me
Let me go or hold me here
The comfort is worth just being near
There's more love in your kind gazes than coldness in my stare
More concern and quiet striving than the universe can bare.
There's more maniac in my nature than what is melencholy in yours
More deviation in my pages, than what all your chapters can store
Either incomplete or all to full
without teeth or with no edge dull. Give me wings or cage me here
Interment is worth being near. There is more truth in your simple statements than contained in all my verse
More poetry and proverb that the universe worth
there is more discord in my nature than what is difficult in yours, more incoherence in my crazes than your sanity can absorb. Either blind or eyes never shut
without plan or stuck in a rut
Wet my lips or drown me here
no more breath is worth being near.

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