Ingriedients of a Memorable Night

The Ingredients of a Memorable Night

Eyes briefly meeting

Hands sliding down my back.

My heart is pulsing rapidly

This is my angle of attack.

Lips touching abrasively

Bodies demanding passion.

Words whispered of desire

And meaningful compassion.

With our legs intertwining

I get a feeling from within.

That feeling is gratifying

and almost full of sin.

With us there's is no limits

Nor secrets to unveil.

Every word you whisper

Is erotic with detail.

With our fantasies recited

And our wishes slowly granted.

I soon begin to realize

It's my name you've softly chanted.

A rhythm in the setting

Of music softly playing.

Its tone is precisely amorous

With the lust you are displaying.

Delightfully I tell you

Of the wishes I want fulfilled.

As I begin to lose focus

My conscience tends to rebuild.

As you aggressively twirl my hair

My body begins to shake.

This is when I realize

This encounter is no mistake.

My breathing heavily increases

As your goal is now in sight.

I arch my back and moan

In awe of this memorable night.

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