The True America

Oh god you glare down
Only to see
The land of the free
The land of the brave
Only to save
Our people
Our nation

From the deserts of the west
We shall continue our quest
To discover what's right
To win our fight
For Liberty

The East is so graceful
While quiet and peace
In the mid-west
The tornadoes seize

The Red, White, and Blue
Represents you
An American
With many responsibilities to do
But as time passes by
You realize who

Stands for our rights
And battles in our fights
And for that, we thank you
With regard
And Liberty and justice for all

Can you imagine a place so great?
It's like heaven on earth
With a lot of faith

You always remain
With what is true to you
Your name will always be remembered
Regardless of who

You have rights
And so do I
That's what makes America
A large apple pie

We work together
No matter what
And the conclusion
Is heaven on earth
Only to realize
What you are worth

From the people around you
To the creatures on earth
They have all heard America
Ever since birth

Wealthy and proud
True we are
But diverse and found
Makes the USA far

Do you realize of this place so great?
It's so amazing
You don't realize the date
Even though, its nearly your fate.

Time passes minute after minute
But you don't realize
It's nearly over

You enjoyed your life Oh- So- Much
You forgot
That you were dutch

Compassion for America
Changed your name
Like all the others
In the hall of fame

A republic so brave
Must come to an end
Only later
To have to be saved

A nation so heard
Will go in the history books
Now matter how absurd

The reality is
America is free
Unlike any country
With Freedom and glee

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