I cry in sadness of my lost soul, the misery and emptiness of my being the banishment of my creators kingdom

Disgusted by the mark of my shadow, the putrid scent of my skin and the ghostly dying look of my reflection

I stare in to the mirror of life and ask why was I cursed with demons inside my mind, to haunt my soul with visions of immoral thoughts, of death and bodily mutilation, destruction, torture, pain and grief that I seek in pleasuring my wicked thoughts

I SEAM "please help me stop this madness and cure me of my demonic hold" but the demon inside me laughs a wicked cry until my eyes dim darker with an evil glare, my eyebrows curve a sinners arch, and my lips make a crazed mans grin

once again I transform in the demon of my self, the darkness of my light, the predator of my wicked desires

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