it's not love

It’s not love

Sometimes, I want to get close to you
Sometimes, I want to touch your body
And feel the warmth inside you
Sometimes, I want to kiss you and forget everything else
Sometimes, I wish I could impress you with my strength
But I never do any such things
‘Cause I think it’s not love

Sometimes, I wonder don’t you understand?
There is something going on in my mind
May be you feel the same way as I do
But a little scared to admit it as a truth
Or may be you want me to make the first move
But I’m sorry! I can’t do that
‘Cause I think it’s not love but something else

Don’t you feel bad that I’m denying you
I’m just trying to say
It’s not the right way
I know you want to take me in your arms
And wish to listen to the beatings of my heart
I also want to feel the fragrance of your body
I won’t stop you if you still want to come
But I tell you, this relationship won’t do for long
‘Cause it’s not love

We can’t compel each other to be in love
It’s not in our hands to love anyone
‘Cause love is not something that is done
It is something that happens itself at once
Many times, it’s infatuation that we think is love
The mere attraction causes all the fuss
So listen to me and think about it
It’s only a love relationship that works

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