Tears begin to sting her eyes,
That is why she has turned away.
She does not want him to see her cry,
She does not want him to see the depth of her pain.

He tries his best to make her cry,
To get her to let go of her pain,
For he knows that if she lets it dwell in her heart,
She will never truly love and trust again.

So he reaches out to touch her,
He tries to see her face,
He tries again, and he tries again,
But she simply pulls away.

The full moon is shining down,
Cutting through the shadow of the night,
Illuminating her beautiful face he thinks,
Exposing all that she tries to hide.

He reaches out his hand to her,
But again she turns away,
So much choked in the vaccum of her heart,
So much she does not wish to say.

She steals a glance at him,
And she sees that he is confused.
She knows he wants so much to help her,
But she does not want him to.

Some pain is in his eyes now,
And she knows that for her he has prayed,
So she let go of herself, to accept his love,
And as she cries she reaches out and hugs him.

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