Title: ~*LOVE AGAIN*~??!!
Author: Jessie

We started out friends because I was afraid to give my heart out to anyone else like i had done before!! That turned out to be the worst n best thing that could have ever happened to me!! In the months and weeks that passed we ended up meeting and dating other people. You dated that girl for a while and everytime I would see you hug her or kiss her, I wondered how things would have turned out if that were me??!! A couple months went by and you decided you wanted to go back to your home town and being the friend I was i supported you 100% and you asked if you should dump your girlfriend? I said " I don't know it's up to you". Later on after you broke up with her, we slowly started hangin out with each other!! =) At lunch we would hang out and everyone could see how happy I was with you and when we would hug goodbye to go to our next class I could always feel my heart slowly stop. I NEVER thought I would fall in LOVE again because last time it killed me all the way to my soul!!! But you showed me that it is possible to smile again even when things don't seem they could get any worse!!! =) In the final days we spent with each other before you left back to kansas were the most unforgettable!! You not only showed me that I could smile again and feel the sunshine in my face again!! You showed me that NOT every guy is out to break your heart!! I think about you probably more than I should but it's how much I can't wait to see your smile and feel your gentle lips against mine!! And maybe what I feel isn't LOVE but what ever I feel I cant explain and all I know is that if you don't keep your promise to come back for me, I'll know I'll be okay because I promised myself that I wouldn't spend another day crying or all depressed if things didn't work out because I'm young and still got alot of things AHEAD of me to look forward 2!!!
So til that day ALEX I MISS U SOOO MUCH!!! =) n thank you for the best timez we had!!
LOVE, Jessie

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