The Dream

Sensations is the word for the entire treasure,
And life is what allows to say
That feeling every single pleasure,
Makes people find their dream away.

And in that dream they put desire,
And they put hope for every scent,
And all the senses we admire
And never let their will to bend.

The so called peace that all we need,
The so called light we're searching for,
That's what the dream is for indeed
That's what we all have dreamed before.

And when the light's about to reach,
And when the peace it's on it's way
You feel the kind in every speech
And bless you find in every pray.

The blind can see the stars that dance,
The deaf can hear the wind that sings,
And every whisper is a trance
That makes even the rocks find wings.

And when the dream is no more pain,
And all the chains are no more doubt,
You know your heart contains a stain
And that the dream is love about.

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