In Dreams of Mystic Blue

In your dreams of mystic blue she lies

her silhouette steals a gaze

in the picturesque of nightfall

I'm lost in the sweetest daze.

She reflects upon streams of summer

beauty with a tint of innocence

as blossoms of white in June

she captures my deepest sentiments.

The sunset falls within doves eyes

and gilds sapphire skies

her lips pours honey kisses

across mines.

Come away with me in the night

let me show you I care

the touch of bliss at moonrise

a moment so sweetly shared.

Come away with me in the night

romance is in the air

you hold me captive in the starlight

by the tresses of your hair.

How long must I play this soliloquy

as she pass in the breeze

in deep blue seas

my fingers gently dance on lavienan string;

like spring, when bluejays sing

and melodies of a dream

sweep my mind,

emotions blind

feel my soul rise high to the sky.

You were never so beautiful in the twilight

as you was last night

standing as a queen by turquoise rivulets

with ebony dark eyes.

I'm dazzled by your regal grace

no blemishes on your face

I can see you by the window paen

your radiance in the moonlight haze.

Here in the gloaming with me,

moment is so sweet,

all free my love, I stare

you sleep.

My life entwined with yours

the scarlet lily I adore

she lies across fragrances of hydrangeas,

and pink azalea floors.

In the silence epressions with meaning

and she one half of my life

the sight of waterfalls in the gleaming

in dreams of mystic blue.

you sleep.

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